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afro comb

Afro Comb - Wooden Comb Wall Decals



A little bit of background behind the Iconic Afro Comb symbol:

The African Comb’s history dates back to 5000 years. First, it was a sign emphasizing the more abstract qualities of feminine goodness, love, and care. In more modern history, in the 60’s and 70’s the Afro became a powerful political symbol with the Comb representing “Black is Beautiful”.

This graphic comb design has been created so that you can bring some Africa Vibes to your wall.



These afro comb decals are lovingly made and packaged by me so that you can update your interior quickly and easily. These stickers can be used to decorate any smooth surface; walls, paper, glass, plastic, mirror, tile, etc.

• 2 SHEETS of African Combs
• Each sheet contains 4 Combs
• a maximum of 2 colours may be chosen per set, thus 1 colour per sheet

DIMENSIONS please see the actual size image in the gallery

• that the surface that you want to apply it to is completely dry before application
• this vinyl decal is removable but not reusable
• for more information on HOW TO attach a vinyl decal or sticker: PLEASE VISIT

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