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Large Table Number Decals – Classic

18,50 54,00 


Make your own wedding table numbers in a colour that matches your dream day by applying these stickers to your choice of glass vases, bottles, containers etc. Choose the number of tables that you will have at your wedding in the drop-down box (eg. 1-11).

Each number is 10cm high.

These stickers can be used to decorate any smooth surface; walls, paper, glass, plastic, mirror, tile etc.

For more details please see the product description below.


• Amount of Decal Numbers chosen as per the drop-down box only – no vase or container included
• One colour choice permitted
• One little tester decal

• maximum height per number: 10cm – width depends on the actual number (eg. 1 – 2.1cm // 12 – 6.5cm )

• that the surface that you want to apply it to is completely dry before application
• this vinyl decal is removable but not reusable

• if you are using these on water/drink bottles make sure that the bottles ARE NOT chilled and at room temperature otherwise the stickers won’t stick.
• for more information on HOW TO attach a vinyl decal or sticker: PLEASE VISIT

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