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Wheelie Bin Stickers | Custom House Number Decals | Font Option 3

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Add your house number and street name to your garbage bins in a neat and organised way with our custom-made vinyl decal sets.

You will receive an email with your design & layout within 48 hours after the order has been placed to be confirmed by you before I cut.

  • Free shipping within the Netherlands




• Your choice of Garbage Bin Decal Set/s including your house number + street name as per the design shown

• 1 Colour choice permitted
• 1 Little decal tester
• Any further customisation available at an extra fee

DIMENSIONS per complete decal (house number + street name)

• maximum size per decal – depending on your house number + street name – 20 cm x 14cm OR 14cm x 20 cm (approximately A5)

• these stickers are only intended for use on your garbage bins
• that the surface that you want to apply it to is completely clean and dry before application
• this vinyl decal is removable but not reusable
• for more information on HOW TO attach a vinyl decal or sticker: PLEASE VISIT

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