Hello! The excitement is running high this morning to share this party with you.  The very talented Candace from Absolute Perfection {an amazing styling & event coordination company} contacted me to design the ‘paper work’ for this party.

I got to make/design VIP back stage passes, wrappers, labels, a banner, guitar pic confetti {see if you can spot them on the photos}, bunting, candy buffet signs and the ‘crash boom bang’ artwork for the drum kit… love playing with vinyl… it just looks so hot!

Just look how nicely it all came together – well done Candace!

For the other suppliers please see the end of the post!

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Absolute Perfection: Event styling & coordination
Chandre Lamprecth: Photography
Kelly Jayne’s: Desserts & Cake
Match Set Love: Design work, tags, vip passes, wrappers, labels, banner, drum ‘art’ etc.

With rocking love,

Credit: All photographs by Chandre Lamprecth

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