Hello! Today I am so excited to share this once a year opportunity where I get to do EVERYTHING from designing to styling and setting up… what a job! Our gorgeous daughter chose to have a ‘brandweerwapartytjie’ to celebrate her 3rd Birthday. Challenge accepted. A lot of people asked me if she is a tomboy? No, she is just really fascinated by Fire Engines and doesn’t judge it to be male or female… I kept everything in red, grey and white with flaming accents, added some red doileys, confetti, ribbon & a lovely soft font to bring in a feminine twist.


This year however, I learnt from last year and got some great help in so that I can enjoy the party too! First step was to confirm the venue. I work a lot with Jean-Marie from the Food Emporium in Broad Acres, Fourways and the combination of her amazing cakes, their delicious food, fantastic service and really nice venue with the little ‘Rose Cottage’ and cool play area for kids made this the perfect choice. Secondly I was so lucky that my favourite photographer Laura from Laura Jane Photography was available to capture all the fun, hard work and special moments. I am posting a lot of photos, especially detail shots here today so please stay…. if you would like to see more pictures you are welcome to hop on over to Laura’s blog and view them here.

Lillii 3 blog 1Lillii 0 blog 3

The Big Red Heart Vinyl Stickers that was used to decorate the jam jars can be found here in my online shop.

Lillii 3 blog 2Lillii 3 blog 7Lillii 3 blog 6Lillii 3 blog 4Lillii 3 blog 5Lillii 3 blog 10

The ‘numbered circle vinyl stickers’ that has been used on the silver coloured blow-outs are available in the on line shop here.

Lillii 3 blog 9

The big TA TU TA TA {the sound that the fire engin makes in German Children’s books} Welcome Board doubled-up as a game: Pin the Siren…

Lillii 3 blog 8

… and off course to my friends Emily & KaRi who was my shopping assistants and advisers. Angelica for her beautiful hands. All our beautiful friends and family! You are appreciated.

Ta Tu Ta Ta
Liezel x


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  1. Wowie! I can’t believe how beautiful all the images came… And agree that this was a lengendary and lovilee party!

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