Good morning! As promised herewith follows the craft and thank you favours we did for Lilli’s Party.

The Craft:  I made a template {that you can download for free below, yay!} of popsicle shapes. Copied it onto coloured card board and glued two-two together with an ice cream stick in between. Then I put together little packets of coloured confetti {yes, yes, I punched away one evening} and stick-on shapes as well as shapes that had to be glued on. Lilli’s principal was so kind to borrow me a table and chairs, so I set up a craft station for the kids on the balcony.

The Thank you Favours: I wanted to do something from the heart and not only sweeties. So there were ‘real hot chocolate’ stars with mini marshmallows. Each girl received an Alice band with a purple felt flower and when I saw the wooden tetrus blocks, I had to get that because Lilli just loves puzzles. To make it a handy toy to go with where ever they do, I made little string-bags. It was packaged in plain white paper bags with personalised matching ‘Flag Tags’.
What do you think are nice gifts for the kids in their Party Packs?
Credit: Photographs taken by myself.

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