Well, the answer is quite simple. Exactly the same way we bring it to our relationships. Focus, Attention & Detail. These are just three of the many ways we can show and express love.

Hat Wall Intricate Inital L lavender

Hat Wall Elaborate Love Black

Hat Wall happy happy day lavender

Create a focal point above a cot, bed, chest of drawers or as part of a wall gallery by placing a big decal as seen with the Elaborate LOVE design above and the ABC ZZZ…. decal below.
(FYI – the LOVE decal can also be applied in one word to create a rectangle as in  L O V E)

Give attention to a specific space on the wall by the interesting placement of stickers as seen in the pretty pink pictures below. Or the integration of powerful and positive word choices as found in most of our printable wall art posters and wall hanging flags as wall as this happy happy day decal.

Use a favourite colour or shape. For example, you can add an Initial in a favourite colour to personalise the room. The Intricate Initial design shows mostly outlines so that you can make a bold colour choice without the outcome being too overpowering.

Here are some lovely examples that have been shared with me on Instagram:

Bribee photo

mc 20180209

one big one small dots 2

good vibes only mats and mama 2


Thank you for your creativity & style ladies!
– How dreamy is this first photograph from @bribee22… her beautiful baby sleeping peacefully underneath his gorgeous decal.
– I just love the creative use of the dots to frame a beautiful piece of hand-dyed fabric and a pretty poster by @onebigonesmall_ to bring special focus to her daughter’s room.
– Monochrome with a good dash of chocolate – thank you @mats.en.mama for sneaking in some good vibes into this pic!

Happy Valentines Day


Liezel signature 2