• LR namaste 1 black
  • LR namaste 1 black mint
  • LR namaste 1 black mix
  • Actual Size Namaste

Namasté Vinyl Wall Decal



This respectful greeting which translates to “I bow to you” is often heard in the Yoga class. It is said, that this greeting creates a loop of bliss to pass positive energy unto the one receiving the gesture. Update your sacred space with this divine greeting easily with this modern vinyl wall decal as a daily reminder.


This “Namasté” vinyl wall decal is lovingly made and packaged by me. This decal can be used to decorate any smooth surface; walls, paper, glass, plastic, mirror, tile, etc.


• 1 Vinyl Decal with the words: Namasté and the wreath design as shown

• Dimension: 59cm wide x 15.5cm high

1 Colour permitted


• that the surface that you want to apply it to is completely dry before application

• this vinyl decal is removable but not reusable

• for more information on HOW TO attach a vinyl decal or sticker: PLEASE VISIT

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