Hello! I’m so excited to share this special little jewel with you! Lafenis Deli + Bake Shop
situated in the Lifestyle Shed, Karoo Kafee, Lynnwood Road, Pretoria. Lafenis is the passion of owner & chef Margaux Pieterse. This is the only place to buy the fabulous breads of the Bread Gypsy (email Margaux at gesels@lafenisdeli.co.za to place your order so that you are not disappointed!). She also stocks amazing hand-made cheeses, cold meats and yummy yummy jams and relishes. I had a sandwich with hummus, delicious roasted veggies, cheese and a drizzle of balsamic reduction. Also, I just had to try her special organic ice cream. The ‘rocky road ice cream’ was just fabulous and beautifully plated. Lafenis also sells the coffee that they serve.

If you feel like escaping the chaos of city life, make sure to visit Lafenis. They also take bookings for small birthdays, baby showers etc.

Happy Adventures!

Love Liezel

P.S. A few special Match Set Love products are also available there!