So where should one start with the first post on a Blog? I presume on how and why and what for? Well, our beautiful baby daughter was born in August 2010 and after taking the big step of becoming a stay-at-home-mom, I knew that this is now my chance to do something creative. (When I get a moment!) I love working with my hands, making things, crafts, cooking etc. Doing digital scrapbooking lead to making many invites and paper things for my family and friends. So when my gorgeous friend Christien decided to get married I was way too far pregnant to commit to her wedding dress, however I did commit to do all the stationary for her. We decided on digital invitations. The rest of the stationary consisted of the leaflets for the wedding ceremony, the matchbook stickers to go with the sparklers, the place cards and the seating list. On the day of the wedding Christien asked me to go to the venue beforehand to make sure that everything is in order and that everyone will be sitting as per her plan. There my husband saw the beautiful ‘seating list’ that was now printed and ‘real’ … all the way to the church I got a sermon on wasting my talents …. So… Match Set Love is my space where I will share my love of being creative and making things and events pretty with you. Match Set Love is also my ‘Downloadable Paper Shop’ where you can choose what you like, follow the cart and you will receive an email with the link to download your A4 PDF file. This file you can print as many times as required (for personal use of course!). Now you can shop, print, cut out and make your own pretty things without even leaving the house!

Every now and then I will offer a freebie link so that you can have some fun for free! Look out for my ‘Valentines DOOR TAG Freebie’ in the next week.

Enjoy and I would love to hear from you.

Love, Liezel