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The Lucky Laundry Collection is here!


Kicking off the new year with a fresh start.


Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, 29 January 2019 


Laundry for most people is a mundane and never-ending cycle of to do’s. Wash, fold, dry, repeat, wash, fold, dry …

Doing washing is an essential part of everyday life and whilst we can’t change that, we can, however, help you to create a positive vibe in your laundry or washing space.  With some tongue-in-cheek humour and pretty design, you can update your space in under an hour to create a space that you will enjoy to frequently visit.

When it comes to laundry, considering the positives really allows us to see the blessings that we have. Consider and be thankful for our beautiful clothes to wear which protects us, gives us confidence and allows a way to express ourselves.  Appreciate the farmers and farm-workers who have grown and plucked the cotton or reared and sheered the sheep and look after all other ‘wool’ growing animals.  The incredible and creative process of turning these fibers into yarn, dyeing them and weaving them into beautiful fabrics. For the designers, pattern makers and the seamstresses who make the actual garments. Not even thinking of the shipping of these items from all over the world and then also the big stores putting everything on display for us, so that we can pick and choose what we like….. so after all this effort that goes into our clothes the least we can do is look after them. 

In our laundries, we also have much to be grateful for – fresh, running water, easy to use soaps and soap-powders as well as washing machines. Tumble Dryers and sunshine to dry our clothes… I know that a lot of people do not like to iron, but strangely, I do! I am very grateful for my electric iron and use the time that I spend doing ironing to catch up on podcasts or meditate on the positives.

This 13 piece collection consists of 3 small decal designs namely; clothing pegs, washing symbols and little sprigs that can be spaced and placed as you like to create a wallpaper effect. 7 Big Decals to create a laundry wall art focal point on your wall with either the feeling of a logo, eg: The Lucky Laundry Co. or some fun elements like the Washing Symbol Decals. There is something for every Laundry from modern design to designs with a farmhouse country feel. No collection would be complete without the addition of the ever-popular mouse house, and this time the little Laundry Mouse House set is too cute inclusive a little washing line with gloves, scarves, and hat! To round off the collection, there is a set of washing powder labels as well as a poster set of six printable posters so that you can choose the ones pertaining to yourself or all six!

To illustrate the collection we have used the three purple hues we offer, lilac, lavender  & violet because fresh laundry & the smell of sunshine and lavender just go hand in hand. However, the magic of these designs is that, depending on the colour choice, the same design can be transformed to be modern or rustic. With twenty-eight different vinyl adhesive colours on offer you will be able to find the perfect colour match your space.

The prices for the décor items in this new collection range from EUR6.00 to EUR48.00. Each order is lovingly packaged with great care before sent on their journey around the globe.

For more information on this beautiful new range of wall vinyl and poster printables, please contact:

Liezel Glaubitz



We invite you to have a look… Click below:

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