Hello! So quickly did one year pass and we moved along from the Fire Engine Party to this years theme; Purple Elephants with Glitter Gold! After looking for just the right elephant image {and not finding it} I decided to use an origami type-elephant. I love this modern, clean look and in vinyl it works beautifully! We also had a lot fun folding little origami elephants. I downloaded quite a few tutorials but must admit that I could only one type, sort-off right! We got all caught up in purple and gold and folded pom-poms, made real hot chocolate, prepared the crafts, constructed the popcorn boxes, re-cycled tins for a fun; throw-the-tins-over game and in the end, not planned this way, had to bake the Birthday Cake, luckily my mother-in-law was here to help and I am very proud of our effort!

I wanted the girls to really play and have fun creatively. Each one received a little creative pack with various to-do’s in there. Lilli and me made paper beads for the necklaces until all our fingers were glued together and the vinyl/canvas activity worked perfectly {see the girls and their art below}. Lilli and Olivia also gathered some seeds in winter which we used to make all funny animals with eyes, pompoms and pipe cleaners.

A big thank you to the lovely Carike from Carike Ridout Photography that captured all the fun and details. She was also responsible for finding smiles on shy faces and I was amazed when I received the photo-cd of all the little moments that she caught
on film that I was not even aware of – Thank you!

I have added a description at the bottom of each photo as explanation, otherwise this post will go on forever, and if you are like me, you prefer pictures, right? Let’s get started:

Purple and Gold Elephant party 000
Purple and Gold Elephant party 00

Purple and Gold Elephant Party 1

Purple and Gold Elephant party 2
Purple and Gold Elephant party 13
Purple and Gold Elephant party 12

Purple and Gold Elephant party 11
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