Hello! A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to honour my sister and dad-to-be with a baby shower. We decided to go with the theme: somebunny is on her way. We have this beautiful white rabbit called Milli in the family and clearly she is very inspiring to us.  On the Saturday afternoon before the baby shower, just as I put the paper in my printer to finish the last things for this shower the electricity went off… until Sunday night. Oi! So we had to make do with what was finished and improvise on the rest… none the less it was a beautiful, happy day with a surprise engagement to make it even more special!

Enjoy the photos.margaux babyshower 1

margaux  babyshower 5 margaux  babyshower 6 margaux babyshower 2 margaux babyshower 4margaux babyshower 7 margaux babyshower3

With happy & expectant love,


Credit: Photographs taken by me and my lovely cousins