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This hinge method is another way you can apply your decal with ease and make sure it stays in the correct position.

1. Cut your received decals in separate pieces if required.

2. Position them onto the wall/window/smooth dry surface with some masking/painters tape.

3. Flip the decal to the top.

4. Smooth it over with a plastic credit card.

5. Remove the white/paper/backing layer.

6. Now you will only have the actual vinyl decal and the see-through transfer paper layer left.

7. Carefully flip these two layers back onto the wall/window/smooth dry surface. Smooth over with your hands/plastic credit card.

8. Lift the edge of the see-through transfer paper and the masking/painters tape and slowly peel away, to reveal your decal.

For more tips, please read our how-to instructions here.

1. Cut

3. Flip

hinge method

5. Remove backing paper

hinge method

7. Smooth onto the surface

hinge method

2. Position

hinge method

4. Smooth

6. Flip back onto the surface

hinge method

8. Remove the transfer paper

hinge method