Feature: Pink Stripe Occasion Pack & Baby Shower ADD ON

Hallo, today’s feature is my ‘Pink Stripe Occasion Pack’ and ‘Baby Shower ADD ON’ that is available in my ‘online shop’. This pretty soft pink kit will help you to create a beautiful theme for your next tea or birthday party. This party pack includes PDF format files for the following: invitations, place cards, 3 x party flags, 2 x mini flags, 2 x party cones, 2 x cupcake wrappers and 2 x tags. If you are planning a ‘pink’ baby shower, this ADD ON will quickly help you to make this showering a very special one. The ‘Pink Stripe Baby Shower ADD ON’ includes 2 x party flags featuring the words ‘beautiful baby’ that matches the designs of the party flags in the Occasion Pack as well as a fun baby shower game that you can simply print and cut out.

I hope you will have a lot of pink fun with this one! I would love to hear your feedback.

Happy Thursday,

CREDIT: Photographs by Laura Jane Photography