Hello! Things with a baby can get quite hectic and now that she has mastered crawling the scarce peaceful moments has also vanished! Today we practised colouring… (as she is 9 1/2 months old now she was more interested in chewing the khoki pen, but I am sure dad will be very impressed with his card). I made a quick print out that you can print for Father’s Day and the kids can colour it in themselves. There is one in Afrikaans, English and German – so take your pic!

1. Download your free printable in the preferred language below
2. Print it out onto white A4 Cardboard (You can also print it out onto a coloured cardboard and then the kids can personalise it with glue and glitter)
3. Hold the print out in landscape format in front of you and fold it in three equal pieces, start by folding the right side to the left to create the ‘front’ of the card as per the first picture and then fold in the left side of the card to form a ‘zig zag’ as per the second picture.
4. Colour in the words and personalise as you wish
5. Finish it of with a piece of matching string or ribbon
Click on the preferred language to download your Freebie:
It would be great to see your kids efforts, so please email me a picture or upload it on our facebook page.
Happy Father’s Day!