Hello! I am soooooo excited to share this post with you today, yes, Match Set Love is now open for business after being closed for nearly a year, due to our move to Germany. Thinking back, this last year has been so exciting. From saying good-bye to everything and everyone we know to embracing everything and everyone that is new to us. Life is so different, I exchanged my car for my new mint bicycle, we mostly pay with cash instead of credit card and something really great is the complete lack of traffic disturbance in our life, at most I have to wait for the tram to pass before I cross the road… Off course we miss our dearest ones and the price and quality of Avocados is just crazy. When I close my eyes, ZA is still home and what is known and my life here… merely a dream. However, I am so grateful that I may experience this dream.

Now more about my new shop. I opend my first on-line store on the Etsy.com platform. The link to visit is just below. I will not be shipping actual products to South Africa and would rather focus on the European market where I can trust the postal system. However my digital products eg. Posters, can be bought online by anyone and then downloaded straight after payment has been confirmed. No waiting for a package to arrive. Just download, print and decorate!

For the paper and vinyl products, I have been working on a Origami/Geometric/Animal range; Postcards, Vinyl Decals and Gift Tags. It is fun and beautiful, and perfect for Easter, Kiddies, Baby Showers etc. yet elegant. I will start taking in custom work from now on again.

New products will be added to my shop on a weekly basis, so please make sure that you mark my shop as FAVOURITE so that you may be updated with what I am busy with.

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Go visit my shop:Match Set Love Etsy Store

A few sneak peeks, {for the full range please visit Match Set Love Etsy Store}:

If you like something and decide to buy.. please use this discount code when checking out: MSLISOPEN10 …for 10% discount at the minimum spend of EUR5.00.
This voucher code is valid until 31 March 2016. Feel free to forward this email to anyone else who would be interested in using it.

I would love to get some feedback, so please press reply and drop me a line!

In selling spirit and with gratitude,

Thank you,