Hello! This year I managed to have my Advent Calender ready a whole 10 days earlier than last year, Yay! I collect little gifts though out the year so that I don’t have to rush around for 24 {times two!} gifts last minute.

As we celebrate the holidays in the heat and far, far away from snow and cinnamon-smelling markets, I decided to make a fresh & festive, red & white, mini flag design. These little flags are easy to cut out and can be glued to envelopes, little boxes or paper bags. I found pretty silver bags at Party Spot for R1 each. Decorated each bag with a bit of ribbon {and my beloved double-sided tape}. It was a bit tricky to hang them up, so I used little pegs (with green trees) to keep them in place. The 2 x A4 PDF’s with the numbers from 1-24 can be downloaded below.

Matching Personalised ‘Name’ Flags (as per the Lilli example above) are available at R30 per name, and will be emailed to you in a printable PDF format. Send your request to {hello at matchsetlove.co.za}.
I always appreciate each comment and please send me a photograph of your calendar! We all love to be inspired.
With Love,
Credit: All photographs taken by myself.